Bible Classes

Make Bible study a personal and family priority. We have Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings.

We want to challenge each other to find God and His will for our lives during our Bible classes. Please come be with the rest of the Body of Christ at North Penn for these classes. Invite family, friends and neighbors to be with you.

This summer the adult class will be titled Revival Leaders You Should Know. David White will be the teacher. 

Leaders throughout the Bible faced the challenge of reviving their generation. What did these leaders do to call people back to a fervent faith? What message did they deliver that would, through the power of God, soften hard hearts and fuel a desire to know God? How did they lead people into a deeper relationship with God?

These messages are not just for people of Bible times. The power of God’s word remains every bit as powerful today as it was then and it can revive us again. Join us this summer every Sunday morning at 9:30 and be revived!

Dan Wilson will teach the High School class.

All children have age level classes taught by qualified teachers.