Bible Classes

Make Bible study a personal and family priority. We have Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings.

We want to challenge each other to find God and His will for our lives during our Bible classes. Please come be with the rest of the Body of Christ at North Penn for these classes. Invite family, friends and neighbors to be with you.

Lester Busby will teach 1 Corinthians to the adults Sunday morning in the auditorium. The Apostle Paul’s letter to this ancient church plagued with so many challenges continues to be relevant for us today.  Today’s churches struggle with immaturity, instability, divisions, jealousy, envy, lawsuits, marital difficulties, and sexual immorality. Join Lester each Sunday morning as he instructs and inspires us to develop holy character, a unified congregation, and mature Christ-like love for one another.

Scott Hansford will teach Ephesians to the High School students Sunday morning. The Ephesian letter does not address any particular error or heresy.  Paul wrote it so its readers might better understand God’s eternal purpose and grace to unite all people in Christ through the the church. High School students, join Scott each Sunday, as he unfolds from Scripture the eternal wisdom of God.

All children have age level classes taught by qualified teachers.